Blufftitler Dx9 itv 10.0 + SuperPack Free Download

We are share with you Blufftitler Dx9 itv 10.0 + SuperPack Free Download animation 3d logo designing, animation broadcast in this software much more tools and features available for animation video and logo designing and i hope you like it Blufftitler Dx9 itv 10.0 + SuperPack.

Blufftitler Dx9 itv 10.0 + SuperPack Full Version Free Download This Software Size Are 450 MB And This Software In Utorrent File

Blufftitler Dx9 itv 10.0 + SuperPack Some Screenshots

Blufftitler Dx9 itv free download

Blufftitler Dx9 itv 10.0 + SuperPack

Blufftitler full version free

Blufftitler Dx9 itv 10.0 + SuperPack Download

BluffTitler has been designed for video:

-Export your titles in any resolution, from 320 x 240 up to full HD in 1920 x 1080
-Presets for all SD and HD standards in PAL and NTSC
-Export as 32 bits AVI with transparency info
-Export as 32 bits TARGA, PNG and BMP frames with transparency info
-Export in 16:9 (widescreen) and 4:3 aspect ratios
-Correct NTSC framerate of 29.97 fps
-Safe area and crosshair display when editing

Import file formats

vector fonts: TrueType (.TTF), OpenType (.OTF) and Type 1 fonts.
bitmap fonts: Bitmap fonts created with Alphabix.
pictures: .BMP(including 32 bits), .TGA(including 32 bits), .JPG, .PNG(including 32 bits), .DDS (including cube maps and volume textures), .GIF and .DIB.
video: Support depends on the DirectShow video decoder filters that are installed on your system. The installer does not install any filter.
audio: .MP3, .WAV and .WMA.
vector drawings: .EPS (limited support)
3D models: .X
Export file formats

pictures and numbered frames: .BMP(including 32 bits), .TGA(including 32 bits), .JPG, .GIF, .TIF and .PNG(including 32 bits).
Video: uncompressed AVI, uncompressed AVI with alpha transparency (RGBA) and Compressed AVI. BluffTitler uses the OpenDML AVI File Format Extensions to create files bigger than 2 GB.

Bluftitler Super Pack Content :

- BIXPACK 1 - Virtual Studios
- BIXPACK 2 - Ornaments
- BIXPACK 3 - Home Videos
- BIXPACK 4 - Lights, Camera, Action
- BIXPACK 5 - Sports
- BIXPACK 6 - Shine and Glow
- BIXPACK 7 - Glitz and Glam
- BIXPACK 8 - Dust, Dirt & Destruction
- BIXPACK 9 - Emotions
- BIXPACK 10 - Splines in Space
- BIXPACK 11 - Video Templates - Party NEW
- BIXPACK 12 - Video Templates - Lists NEW
- BIXPACK 13 - Video Templates - Introductions NEW
- DPack 1
- DPack 2
- DPack Roquenublo

Languages :
Afrikaans, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Bosanski, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Chinese Big5, Chuvash, Czech, Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Ewe, Farsi, Français, Galego, Greek, Hebrew, Hrvatski, Italiano, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Magyar, Myanmar, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Portugues, Portugues (Brasil), Romana, Russian, Slovak, Srpski, Suomi, Svenska, Tagalog, Türkçe, Ukrainian, Urdu
BluffTitler requires :

- DirectX 9 version June 2007 or later.
- Windows 8, 7 and Vista run DirectX 9 side by side with higher versions of DirectX. So even on 8, 7 and Vista you might have to update DirectX 9.

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